Affordable and Holistic Editing for your Writing Needs

For the past decade, I have edited all types of documents: dissertations, MA theses, books, college & graduate school admissions essays, resumes, cover letters, policy reports, and grants, among others. If you are looking for someone to edit your work, please contact me.

I charge $40 an hour for my editing fees. Your first hour of consultation is free.


Too often, editors and proofreaders look at specific writing problems, such as grammar, punctuation, or spelling, for example. Yet I take a holistic approach to editing, by asking specific questions that inform my process. In our first free consultation, I will ask a few clarifying questions, such as who is the audience you are writing for? What is your submission date and goals? What feedback have you received about your writing in the past?

These questions help me to deliver the best editing and proofreading for your work, which is geared to your specific projects and needs. By taking a holistic approach to reviewing your work, I am able to look at the big three of spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as well as the more technical issues such as word choice, sentence structure, clarity, and citations. I search for writing problems and areas where you can tighten the content. In the end, you will submit clear, concise, and compelling writing.

In order to do this, my editing services are catered with your individual goals in mind, by offering track changes and including comments in the margins of your PDF file or Microsoft Word document.

Do not just take my word for any of this – read the reviews below from some of the people I have helped. They were very satisfied with my work and inspired me to professionalize my skills. 


A wide variety of scholars and non-academics have praised my editorial and proofreading work:

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, I was one of the millions of Americans who lost their jobs. I was consistently applying to positions throughout Kentucky but was not getting many or relevant responses. I asked Dr. Ramon to take a look at my resume to see if he had any ideas on how to make it stand out more. After several drafts I put my newly edited resume back up on the job boards I was using. Within 24 hours, I began getting replies for positions I was actually interested in! Thank to Dr. Ramon, I am now working full time at a job I enjoy!

Omari, Engineer

Dr. Ramon has been an excellent resource for editing dissertations, resumes, and professional reference letters. I highly recommend his services.

Courtney, University Administrator

Dr. Ramon edited different versions of my resume – one from 2015 and another in early 2020. I always seek him out because he does an excellent job. He was fast and efficient with editing my resume, now I have a job in my field that I really enjoy. Dr. Ramon knows how to bring your work to the next level, and I HIGHLY recommend him.

Emmanuel, Medical Technician

Professor Ramon has helped me working on the material I was preparing for my graduate school applications. His proofreading is impeccable, and he not only helped with sentence structure and typos, he also gave me a lot of hints and valuable insights, giving my essays the right focus to be accurate and effective! He has a LOT of experience in the field and you will realize it as soon as you start working with him. In addition, he is very professional on keeping in mind your goals, needs, deadlines and when it comes to interactions and the exchange of ideas.

If you are looking for someone to edit your written work, I strongly recommend him!

Matteo, Aspiring Doctoral Student

When I first began my doctoral studies, I was struggling with the writing assignments. Then I contacted Professor Ramon, who proofread my work and provided invaluable insight into my writing. After working with him, I realized the source of my problems. Professor Ramon is an excellent editor and proofreader, who pays attention to detail and will weed out ALL your writing errors. I recently completed my doctorate, and highly recommend him to review your work!     

Michelle, Professor

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